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Book Exhibition in Nabeh El Safa Camp Center

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5 :11)

During summer many congregations have their conferences in camp centers. MELM take advantages of camps season to introduce our work to all these congregations and churches. Therefore, we visited the Nabeh El Safa camp center and put a book stand there. All the attendees visited our Christian books and materials display table, and they chose the book they needed. Some found the materials that help them with their ministry and some other found books that help them with their spiritual growth. Many found the kids’ books are good to be used in Sunday school ministry.  It is always a blessing to support others with what God has blessed us.







“The One Who Knocks, The Door Will Be Opened”

Equipping The Saints Camp

It was a privilege for MELM to support and to be part of an Equipping the Saint Camp that took place in a camp center in Keserwan region. The main subject of the ETS was “Church Planting” ministry, and how as servants we should be prepared for difficulties we face in ministries in general and in church planting process in specific.  The ETS provided spiritual benefits and motivation to do the Lord’s work with enthusiasm and faithfulness.


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Holistic Relief to persecuted Iraqi Christians

Chaldeans are Christians from Iraq whose houses were destroyed and they were dispersed from their country to Lebanon. They lost their homeland which they lived in. Many families lost dear ones and lost properties that were destroyed by ISIS. The Chaldeans used to live in abundance in their county Iraq; after dispersion they are living in poverty and are always in need. They are broken and lost their happy spirit to live. Grief and sadness engulf their lives emotions.

MELM has being there for Iraqis helping with filling their needs by distributing hundreds of food packages to them. From the suburb of Beirut they gathered to take their food packages in Sabitieh center. They were happy and grateful for what they received asking for more support because their need is immense.


Book Exhibition in camp Center

 “You search the Scriptures, … and these are they which testify of Me.” (John 5:39)

MELM has many publications that would be a good resource for faith growth. Many people, adults, youth, young, and kids would enrich their Biblical knowledge by reading MELM books and using our media materials like DVDs. Therefore, we organized a books display stand at a camp center in Naas, Lebanon, where many of the camp attendees were interested in our books by ordering and buying our DVDs.





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