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Equipping the Saints Outreach Workshop

One of our MELM goals is to get people involved more in the ministry, and in order to do that, we offer training sessions to those who are interested and ministry hearted. Therefore, MELM prepared an Equipping the Saint conference that was attended by 17 persons who are willing to put their time for serving the Lord among their churches.

The ETS was a one day training conference divided to 5 sessions. First, Christian songs at the beginning, and then followed by two lectures and two group workshops

First session: How we discover our talents given from the Lord and how we can use them in the church and ministry. Second session: the Characteristic of a servant, and how should he act and react to positive and negative issues that might face in the ministry field. In addition, there were two workshops followed the sessions, one about the importance of the outreach and how our main role is to witness and the Holy Spirit is the one who changes lives and lead to salvation. The last session was about Bible study and how important to know well the Word of God and teach it to disciples. The attendees had to study one of our MELM Bible study books so they would be able in their turn to teach it to others.

The ETS program was very beneficial and all the attendees were ready to be volunteers for MELM work when it needs.



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