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Reaching Out to the Blind Refugee Children

MELM is not only providing food packages to refugees but also supporting the vulnerable children who are in need. Our outreach is holistic and takes care of the needs of the helpless blind children and those who are in dire needs.

We have supported building a large tent that will be specifically used for teaching the blind children basic math, Arabic language and how to read in Braille. We have also purchased tables and chairs for the tent-class in the Bekaa valley.

We gathered 28 blind children in the tent along with children with severe eye weakness. The director spoke about the love of God for all mankind to the extent that he sent his own son to help them and heal them. The children were happy to know that God loves them and will not forsake them. After that we had an opening of the tent and distributed juice and sweats for the kids along with gifts to take home. The children were happy to have a small class dedicated for them and enjoyed the gifts very much.

In our previous visits to the refugees we noticed that a girl was staying in the tent. The director asked her ‘Why are you not in school?’, her mother replied: ‘She can not see well and she needs special attention’. So when we opened the tent-class that was dedicated for children with weak sight, we helped her to attend there. She and her mother were very thankful for MELM for their love, care and support.


Healing the Sick Refugees

LHM Lebanon continues its holistic outreach to the Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley. In our several visits to the camps there, we were approached with many refugees who requested medicine for their children and for their elderly parents.

We always spoke with them about the healing love of Jesus. We even distribute a tract about ‘healing’ to them. Jesus was the “Great Physician; wherever He went and whoever He touched, He healed…body, soul, and mind. He reached out to the broken hearted and healed the suffering, irrespective of race, religion or gender”.

Jesus took his cross in order to provide us with forgiveness, grace, love and healing, radiating hope to all humanity. In his footsteps, we are touching the lives and the hearts of many, giving hope to the hopeless through our holistic aid to them that included medicine for the children and elderly this time.

Looking after Orphans

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after ORPHANS and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)

Taking care of orphans is an essential good act that the Bible teaches us about. Therefore, we thank the Lord for Orphanages that provide the shelter, protection, and care for the kids who lost their parents.

As MELM we take the responsibility to witness to the orphans. Therefore,  we organized a program for them at an orphanage center in Mansourieh-Lebanon. The program included icebreaking games and the “P.C. Easter Adventure” a DVD show. A discussion followed the program in which they learned that we have a loving Father who cares and loves each one of us ultimately.  He is always with us, because Jesus died to save us and rised from the dead to give us life with Him. The children were very happy to know that they have an Almighty God who is a caring Father. Also, each one of them was happy to get the movie story book as a gift.


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Reaching out to Street Children

“Because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist them.” (Job 29:12)

According to researches street children in Lebanon is higher in number than before. The research cited “At least 1,500 children, nearly three-quarters of them Syrian, beg on the street and work as roadside vendors, with a some involved in illicit activities.. It cited social exclusion, vulnerability of households, the influx of Syrian refugees and organized crime and exploitation of children, as the main factors causing children to live and work on the streets in Lebanon.”

Home of Hope is a center in Kahale-Lebanon, supported by the government to embrace the street children and take care of their wellbeing and their education, a place called home, instead of going back to the street.

MELM prepared special program for Easter because Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Easter on a different date than the Western calendar. It was an opportunity to witness to the street Children once more about Jesus and the meaning of His resurrection. The program included singing Christian hymns, watching the “Puzzle Club Easter Adventure” DVD, and craft of an empty tomb attached to it a cross, in which the street children learned about Jesus redemption and the eternal life He provides us when we accept His salvation.

A discussion followed the program to make sure they got the Christian message. One of these children raised his hand to speak, and when he did, he said: “I wanted to commit suicide but Jesus changed me, changed my thoughts and changed my heart, and now I love living for Him”. Many of these kids chose to pray for Jesus asking Him to forgive their sins, and be their Lord and savior.

After the program we distributed the “P.C. Easter Adventure” book story to the children, and bags full of candies and sweets.

Sometimes we think we are doing and giving a little, but putting that little, in the Hands of Jesus, it will turn to many and a lot…



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