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Christmas Program for Students at Schools

MELM sees the Holidays and Christmas season as opportunities to reach out to students in schools using our valuable media materials DVDs like “Red Boots”,” Little Shepherd”, and “Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery”. MELM visited the “Taraki Syriac” School where more than 200 students coming from different religious background had the chance to watch “The Little shepherd” DVD and to learn about the true reason and the true meaning of Christmas. Followed the show a long discussion that made the students understand that Jesus came to clean our hearts from sins, and to save us if we believe in Him and to give us eternal life. Nothing we can do to earn salvation, only believing in Him allows us to gain the Kingdom of Heaven. Many students prayed asking Jesus to be their savior and Lord. In addition they were happy to get the “Little Shepherd” book story as a gift to take home.





The MELM participated in the bookfair in Antelias, where we displayed our Christian materials and publications. Hundreds of people, religious leaders, Christians, and non-Christians visited our stand and bought our materials to enrich their knowledge about Christianity. School students enjoyed Bible study books, our arch book bible stories and DVDs such as Little Shepherd, Puzzle Club series and Red Boots for Christmas. University students were interested in our topical booklets and our Bible correspondence materials. The bookfair started on November 27, 2014 and will end on December 7, 2015.



LHM Christmas Film Specials on Iraqi Ishtar TV

During our holistic relief mission to northern Iraq, Middle East Lutheran Ministry director, Mr. Fadi Khairallah, was able to arrange a meeting with Ishtar TV (only Christian TV in Iraq) to provide them with three Christmas specials in Arabic. The director of Ishtar was pleased to receive the films. He watched them, confirmed that they fit for TV in terms of quality and content and approved broadcasting them in the second and third weeks of December 2015.

During our discussion together he inquired about what does MELM do and what is the purpose of visiting Iraq. I shared with him that our trip there mainly has a humanitarian purpose as we are supporting mainly Christians and Yazidis in Koya, Erbil and Shaqlawa. I also told him that we also support Iraqi Christians in Lebanon on a regular basis.

He was impressed and touched by our ministry’s support to the Iraqi Christians who are in dire need in Lebanon and Iraq, and decided to provide MELM with an award that carries the logo of the station as “an appreciation for our efforts to support our people in Lebanon and Iraq, and a thank you for the Film specials”.

We thank God that our trip to Iraq was successful and that the ministry and mission of LHM to proclaim the Gospel of peace and reconciliation is reaching the needy refugees and the general population of northern Iraq.

Red Boots for Christmas show to Refugees Kids

Many refugees’ kids in Lebanon were left without education because the public and private Lebanese schools are full of students. Therefore, many organizations and congregations have established their own schools for refugees’ kids only. “Zahle Refugees Kids’ School” is one of those schools that provide education to refugees’ kids who left without education.

MELM search for opportunities to share the love of Christ and the Christian message with these kids. MELM visited the school and showed “Red Boots for Christ” DVD to these students who loved the movie and its story. They were happy to know that Jesus was the ultimate gift of love who was sent to us and dwelt among us to save us from our sins and give us an eternal happy life if we believe in Him. In addition they enjoyed taking the DVD story book to read at home.  The school prevented us from taking pictures for students’ faces so we had to take them from behind only. The administration believes that this rule was put for the sake of students’ safety.


Reaching Out to Iraqi Christian Refugees in Northern Iraq

In this blog, we continue showing our efforts to reach out to Christian Iraqi refugees in Northern Iraq. We have provided relief materials and food supplies to the needy refugees in a camp in the vicinity of Erbil town. Many volunteers helped us in dividing the food supplies in equal rations and in gathering them in packages. We distributed the materials to all the families living in the camp and each family signed after receiving their package. All the families were grateful and thankful for our love and care to them and asked us to visit them again.

We spent some time talking to the neediest and most affected families. We visited three refugee families who escaped from the atrocities that were committed by ISIS in their home town of Qaraqosh, in Mosel, Northern Iraq. One member of these families is suffering from a fear disease due to the violence he was exposed to while escaping from the terrorist group.

Farid shared with us that “several of his relatives were slaughtered by ISIS”. “I am afraid not only for myself, but more importantly for the future of my children. I do not want them to relive this agony again”, he told us.

He is not alone – thousands of Iraqi Christians have been forced to abandon their villages in Nineveh valley since ISIS jihadists began their attack on the region. The atrocities that were committed by ISIS were beyond all understanding. Many of the refugees are still affected psychologically by what happened especially the women who all know of other females that were enslaved for sex.

They described their situation as deprived from the essential means of life as refugees but highly valued our visit and the food supplies that we provided to them, and especially the New Testaments that where distributed at the end of the visits.

MELM traveled there to provide humanitarian aid to cover a small part of the refugees’ needs, but more importantly to show the love and care of Lutheran Hour Ministry to them. We brought for these needy refugees more than 100 food packages with children coloring Bible books and detergents.