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Reaching Out to Youth

Under the threat of death or conversion by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), thousands of Christians have fled Syria and Iraq over the last years. Many of them resided in Lebanon and are living in great need, and the youth among them are deprived of the essential basics and are ignored by the society.

MELM saw their great need and found ways to help these youth and their Lebanese counterparts by preparing a full day program in al Naas, Bikfaya area that shows them the Christian love through its ministry and by sharing the Bible message with them.

The topic of the conference was Successful Youths in Christ. Fourteen young persons attended the conference where sermons about salvation and spiritual growth where preached. Alongside the preaching many fun and stimulating activities were held on purpose to show the youths how Christians could enjoy life while living for Christ. It was great for us to see the joy in their faces as they sang the hymns and enjoyed the outside nature competitions.

The conference has been life changing for many of these young souls. Rami one of the attendees was touched by the grace of the God and confessed Jesus as savior after hearing the word of God and seeing young people like him living a true Christian life. He told us that he never imagined people with these attributes ever existed.

Although he lives in a Christian neighborhood but unfortunately he doesn’t see Christ in any of his relatives or friends. His happiness was overwhelming and he was very excited to tell his relatives about the conference and his new life in Jesus. Others have taken decisions to serve the Lord in their churches and communities.

We also taught them about the Bible solution dial which has verses that directly deal with the different needs and situations of the person. They learned to use it for comfort and encouragement and everyone got a copy for his private use. They were happy to have the Bible dial as a gift, and they asked us to come again and teach them more about Jesus.

Another time MELM is making an outstanding impact on the new generation. We pray that this conference and everything that happened within it will give a chance for the attendees to live a Christ like life for his glory.

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