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Reaching Out to Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, MELM was able to provide relief materials to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. MELM bought the food supplies from large warehouses because they are much cheaper in price as they sell wholesale.

In this way money was saved and more portions were available to the refugees who escaped the war devastated Syria into the Bekaa valley of Lebanon, which is located 20 minutes away from the Syrian borders.

MELM reached out to a camp which has 45 families that are living in tents in horrible conditions. We supported them and took care of their holistic needs. Each package contained a brochure about the meaning of Love in the Bible and the healing of God for all those who believe in Him. They were very happy to receive our packages and welcomed us to their tents and urged us to visit them again.

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Reaching out Street Children

The anomaly of children street beggars is one that has been increasing alarmingly over the past decade in Lebanon. Whether they are of Lebanese origin or otherwise, the Home of Hope, welcomes and assists those disparate individuals. The Home of Hope can only house a limited number of children, and of those housed, not all actually see the program to its end.

A demographic analysis indicates that the majority of street children in Lebanon are of a non-Lebanese origin, the majority being Syrian or Palestinian refugees. Street children of Lebanese origin are more likely to be from the poorer North, South and Bekaa areas. Usually, boys constitute a higher proportion of street children, as they are more prone to evading abusive homes, according to the UNICEF. These children are also exploited by mobs to gather money, and therefore experience the same atrocities explained above. (Elie Mikhael, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Childhood, attributes its causes to the need of the child to escape domestic pressure and violence, or to aid the family financially, wherein children are abused physically and sexually if they fail to hand over the money collected.)

MELM organized a visit to Home of Hope in Kahale -Lebanon, where we taught the street children Christian songs emphasized on God’s love, and shared with them through craft making of a butterfly, a lesson in which they learned how a worm could transform to be a free beautiful butterfly; similarly any human being could transform from slavery of sin to the freedom of a new creation in Jesus Christ through His salvation. The children enjoyed the program a lot and felt blessed.


Reaching out to Iraqi Refugees Families

 This week MELM started to reach out to Christian Iraqi refugees at their premises. We have visited three refugee families who escaped from the atrocities that were committed by ISIS in their home town of Tal Kef in Mosel, Northern Iraq. One member of these families is suffering from a fear disease due to the violence he was exposed to while escaping from the terrorist group.

They described their situation as deprived from the essential means of life as refugees but highly valued our visit and the food supplies that we provided to them, and especially the New Testaments that where distributed at the end of the visits.

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