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MELM Holistic Mission to Syrian Refugee Children

The massive influx of refugees into Lebanon is crippling the already fragile economy and damaging delicate political and religious balances among the population. “This place will never be the same,” said Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand, and head of the U.N. Development Program. “Many of these people will never go home.”

U.N. officials estimate that a third or more of the people living in Lebanon will soon be Syrian refugees – 1.6 million in a country with a prewar population of just 4.4 million people – or, as Clark said, “The equivalent of the entire population of Mexico taking refuge in the U.S.”

Refugee camps are increasingly looking like permanent places as a new generation is rising in the camps with the births of thousands of children.

Many children are now struggling to find enough to eat, without the right medicine if they become sick or injured. Hunger, homelessness and terror have replaced school for some of these young people. Thousands of children are facing malnutrition as food shortages take hold.

MELM responded as much as it can with providing milk, cereals, sanitary and hygiene materials for children. We focused particularly on Fatherless children, and children that are vulnerable and in need of support and care.

MELM visited Camp al-Marj before and made a list of all the children below the age of one. We distributed two types of packages: Milk and diapers for babies, and milk, cereals and sanitary materials for toddlers below one year. Each package contained versus from the New Testament about the love of God manifested in Christ and quotes about love from Jesus. Once we arrived a long line of mothers was quickly gathered in from of our tent. The mothers were very grateful and thankful for our mission among them and wished we could visit them more frequently.


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