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Reaching out to Syrian vulnerable Children

MELM reaching out to Syrian Refugees in al-fayda

This week MELM continued its mission to the Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley and distributed materials for babies in camp al-fayda. We visited camp al-fayda before and made statistics of the number of babies in the families. We were informed by the camp leader that there is great need for food and hygiene materials for children. We also identified few children who were vulnerable and with special needs. We focused particularly on unaccompanied children, and blind children, children that are handicapped and in need of support and care.

We provided milk and hygiene materials for babies, some of them were in a state of malnutrition. We had a list of 56 babies below one year of age who needed support, each package contained milk, diapers, cereals (for those above 6 months), a paper with Biblical quotations about love and a paper with Biblical quotations about healing for the parents. New Testaments were provided for the leaders of the camp.

MELM director oversaw the distribution process and made sure that each family who has a baby received a package according to the list prepared earlier. Each family signed in front of his name once he received the package.

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Reaching out to the Blind Children

After finishing the distribution process, MELM visited a tent where a Syrian refugee woman had two blind children. We gathered three more blind children in the tent along with children with eye weakness. Brothers and sisters of the blind children joined the discussion. The director spoke about the love of God for all mankind to the extent that he sent his own son to help them and heal them. He introduced the story of Bartimaeus the Blind to them and how Jesus healed him. The children were happy to know that God loves them and will not forsake them. Brothers and sisters of the blind children received the Bible story book “Jesus heals Bartimaeus the Blind” as a gift, and were very happy to read it.

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