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Reaching out Children in Sehayle

Reach out children in Sehayle.
The MELM represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni prepared a program in Sehayle – Lebanon to the children who live in the area and came from several religious backgrounds. We showed them “The Miracle Maker” a movie that showed the miracles that Jesus did in a very attractive way, in which the children learned about Jesus’ Love.  They adored the movie and they requested to watch it again in the near future. Also there were a discussion about the movie where everyone of them expressed what he/she learned. After that, every child got a Bible story book as a gift “Jesus Heals Bartimaeus the Blind”. They enjoyed the program and everyone of them was happy and blessed.
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New Testaments Distribution to Poor Students

The MELM was asked to contribute New Testaments to students who can’t afford to buy one. They were distributed at a poor neighborhood school in North Lebanon. The students were passionate to receive the Bible and promised to read it regularly in school and at home.

students reading the Bible1 students studying the Bible students studying the Bible2


Reaching out kids in North Lebanon

The MELM has showed the “Red Boots for Christmas”, and “Little Shepherded” upon people and volunteer requests in many places in North-Lebanon especially in the villages of Akkar county. Kids enjoyed the movies and Christmas happiness filled their heart especially when they received the DVD book stories as Christmas gift.

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Puppet show program for Christmas

The MELM shared in a puppet show program for Christmas performed in schools with volunteers. The puppet show was about the meaning of Christmas. The Program included also Christian songs and some games. All was successful and the students enjoyed it and felt blessed even though many of them were from another religion. Students were very happy to receive a Bible story book “Jesus is Born” as a gift.book distribution books distribution kids happy with the books gift Kids interaction Praying Puppet show for students Students are enjoying the show Students are praying Teaching the Christmas lesson