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Reaching out street kids

The MELM team with some volunteers prepared a program for Easter and performed it at an orphanage for street kids called “Home of Hope” in Kahale- Lebanon. The program was about Easter and was told as an interview in a drama way with the rock of the tomb. The kids enjoyed the program a lot and many of them prayed in heart asking Jesus forgiveness and salvation. After the program MELM gave Easter story as a gift to each kid who was happy to receive it.

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Easter Program

The MELM team with some volunteers visited “Charles Khoury School” in Ashrafieh- Beirut, where we shared the message of Easter with students through Bible story arch books series ” My book about Easter”  The kids were blessed and happy to receive the story as an Easter gift.

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Easter Program to Orphans

The MELM represented by Mr. Philip Akiki and some volunteers visited the  Cedar Home, girls orphanage  that adopt children and teenagers. The team prepared an Easter program included hymns games and bible story lesson. At the end of the program MELM donated the bible story “My book about Easter” and other publications to the children. They were very happy to receive the gifts and they start scam them right away. The children were blessed and enjoyed the Easter program.

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Outreach in Souk el Ahad

MELM has prepared an amount of bibles to be distributed in an area called souk el Ahad where many merchandisers display their goodies and their merchandise. Hundreds of people from different religious background visit this market every Sunday. MELM donated Bibles to our volunteer who distributed 200 copies in addition to many other books in the mentioned area.  Many people were interested to visit our stand and take the Bible as a gift.

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