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Christmas Program in Ain Zhalta

The MELM team with volunteers visited a school in Ain zhalta, that include a noticeable number of non Christian students most of them from Druz religious background. We performed a Christmas program and distributed Bible stories arch book series “My Merry Christmas”. The kids were very blessed and happy and learned a new lesson about the meaning of Christmas.

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Reaching Beirut Students through Drama


The MELM team with some volunteers visited schools such as “Charles Khoury School” in Ashrafieh- Beirut, where we performed a play that teaches about the Bible as the most precious treasure we can only have; the Bible shows us the truth and the true way and teaches us about our savior Jesus Christ. The play was fun and the students, who were from different religious backgrounds, enjoyed it so much. We also distributed our MELM Bible stories to them and they loved them.


Christmas Outreach in Egypt

Mamdouh Fawzi our previous employee in Egypt had prepared an outreach program during Christmas season. He distributed on behalf of MELM our yearly calendar 2013, to all the people who responded to the program. The program included Christmas hymns, ceremony about the real Christmas , and drama. The attendees enjoyed the program and were happy and blessed to receive the MELM yearly calendar.

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Bedouins Outreach

The MELM volunteers visited the Bedouins at Saad Nayel- Bikaa valey Lebanon where they showed the Red Boots for Christmas DVD. The Kids were very happy to watch the movie and learned about Jesus who is the reason of the season, and the savior of all generations. The Bedouin kids received book stories as gifts in addition to bags full of candies.  The Bedouins were very blessed through the entire program.

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