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Outreach in Syria

Among the destruction and the cruel acts toward humanity in Syria, God is still working and converting a tear to a smile, fear to peace, and hatred to love in hearts of these kids who heard about the Love of God, His care and protection through our faithful staff and volunteers . They never cease to spread the word of God and His peace in schools and wherever they can reach. In addition, they distributed our Bible stories the “Arch book” series to kids in schools. The kids were very happy to get this gift and read about Jesus the savior and the Loving God.

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Bookfair Outreach

The MELM participated in the bookfair in Antelias, where we  displayed our Christian materials and publications. Thousands of people, Christians, and non Christians  visited our stand and bought our materials to enrich their knowledge about Christianity. School students enjoyed our arch book bible stories and DVDs such as little shepherd DVD and Puzzle Club series and Red boots for Christmas. University students were interested in our topical booklets and our Bible correspondence materials. The bookfair lasted from November 8, 2012 till November 18, 2012.

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Protected by God

But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” (2 Thessalonians 3:3)
Do not cross the RED LIGHT it might be a sign from God to save your life!

On October 19, 2012, Josian Saber, our part time accountant who works in our office every Wednesday, was driving her car to another office in the Beirut suburb of Ashrafieh, Lebanon. 100 meters before she reached her destination, the Red Stop Light forced her to stop for one minute. While she was waiting for the red traffic light to turn green, a huge explosion blew up all the area where her office is located.

The explosion was an assassination, for political reasons, to one of the highest Lebanese security officials. Due to the Explosion, few people died, many were severely injured, and some lost parts of their bodies. Josian could have been one of them if she crossed the red light. The red traffic light actually saved her life and she was unharmed.

Josian heard the explosion sound and felt its strong pressure. Although she was not physically harmed, the blast caused some pain in her ears for few days and forced the car trunk to open. Till now Josian is affected by what she experienced when the bomb exploded 100 meters away from her in Achrafieh and says, “This disaster taught me how to trust God in all my circumstances and not worry about life and its needs since as Christ taught us, ‘no one can by worrying add a single hour to his life’.”

Josian provided us with pictures of the office that is located in the same street of the explosion. The pictures clearly show the destruction of the rooms, doors, windows, conference rooms, bathroom and the shattered glass on most walls, plus a part of a car going into the office.

We all thank God for Josian’s safety and for protecting her and ask him to protect all the staff during our travel for reaching out and work.

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Outreach to University Students

This year also Miss Katia Sahyouni our MELM public relation manager was invited to speak to the students in a religion class about the importance of God’s word to our lives at NDU, one of the Lebanese universities who hold a very good reputation. She used this opportunity to explain to the students about the Bible as a light to their life ways. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path (psalm 119: 105)”.  The MELM contributed the Bible to each student in the class. The professor and the students were very grateful for the Bible and the care that MELM is presenting.

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