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Outreach in Sehayle Area

The MELM presented by Miss Katia Sahyouni prepared a program in Sehayle – Lebanon to children who live in the area and come from several religious backgrounds. The program contained of a Bible lesson, a Bible story with animation, and Bible competition. All the kids were touched and prayed asking Jesus to live in their hearts forever. They also were very happy to receive a Bible story book “Jesus the Good shepherd”.

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Reaching out through Drama

MELM arranged and supported a reaching out music and drama event in Aindara-Lebanon. The program included hymns, drama, and a sermon. The place was full of people, adult, youth, and teens. Many responded to the Christian message which was given through the whole program, many prayed and cried to the Lord for salvation. All were blessed and the program was successful.

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Books exhibition

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni visited the camp center in dhour el shoueir, where she introduced the ministry to the participants and set up a Christian publications exhibition that allowed each of the conference participants, adults and kids,  to visit the stand and choose a book that help him/her with nurturing their Christian life and strengthen their faith. People loved the publications, and were happy to find their needs among the materials that we displayed.

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