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Youth Ministry

The MELM public relations team Katia sahyouni and Philip Akiki prepared a Bible study to the youth camp at Nabeh el Safa camp center. The program was very successful and full of enthusiasm it also included competitions and games. Many gifts were distributed to the winners and all the attendees. The program was very successful, and all were blessed.

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ETS conference

The MELM organized an Equipping the Saint conference, from August 8-11, 2012, in Mayfouk, Jbeil, White Wings camp center. The ETS program targeted all who is willing to teach in Sunday schools, to cooperate with us in ministry, and willing to become a volunteer. The ETS program was intensive and very successful. All the participants applied what they learned through a street preaching day during the ETS conference. We visited a public garden where we performed a Christian play to kids; we distributed animated Bible stories to every kid we met on the street, in addition we preached all who we could reach on the street whether a kid or an adult.

All ETS attendees promised to cooperate with MELM as volunteers and use our materials and books to reach kids in the area where they minister.

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Outreach in Aley

MELM represented by Miss Katia sahyouni was invited to prepare a program for youth in Aley- Lebanon. Aley is a Druze area in mount Lebanon. The program that she prepared was for youth from age 13 to 17 years old. We showed a special movie called ” The Crossing” a movie that discuss the sin, what happens after death, and how we can be saved from the eternal death the sin price. The movie gives a full salvation message through Jesus Christ. The youth loved the movie a lot. After a long discussion, the majority of them said that they believe in Jesus Christ, and prayed asking Jesus to save them from their sins and give them the eternal life in Him. It was very blessed and impressive moments for all. After the prayers we prepared a Bible study with questions and answers paper form as a competition in which we gave the winner a T-shirt written on it “Jesus Loves me This I Know” as a gift. At the end we distributed to them a Bible study book “The Life of Christ” to take home.

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