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Reaching out to Druze children

The MELM public relations team Katia sahyouni and Philip Akiki were invited again to give the same program for Druze children in “Baalshmaya” town from age 8-12 and teach them about Christianity. We showed the “Puzzle Club Pet Napping Mystery” movie followed by a fruitful discussion about the Christian teachings in the movie and how God loves us unconditionally and saved us through His Son Jesus Christ. The children loved the movie a lot and were very happy to know that Jesus Loves them and saves them. In addition we gave them questions paper form as a competition Bible study to answer. All the Children were very happy to participate. The winners were given a T-shirt written on it “Jesus Loves me This I Know” as a gift, and all the participants were given the movie book story as a gift. All were blessed and our Lord was glorified throughout the program.

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Outreach in Druze area

The MELM public relations team Katia sahyouni and Philip Akiki prepared a program for Druze children in “Baalshmaya” town. All the children were from Druze background. The Druze is a non Christian religion who believes in reincarnation. We were invited to show the “Puzzle club Pet Napping Mystery” movie in which we shared the love of God through Jesus Christ the only savior with these children who were very happy to hear the message and react to it. A discussion followed the movie, which showed that the children understood how much God loves them, and how we should love one another same as God loves us. We distributed to every kid the movie book story as a gift and also we distributed medals to the winners who participated in many activities, such as sports, games and competitions. The children were very happy and blessed.

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