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Reach out to poor kids

The MELM represented by miss Katia sahyouni and mr. Philip Akiki visited the camp center “Theopplis” where we shared the Christian message with the kids who live in a very poor area “Nabaa”. The 90% of the kids come from a Muslim background. We showed them the “Puzzle club pet napping mystery” and we shared with them a bible study with questions and  answers as a competition. The two winners got a mug as a gift written on it “Jesus loves Me this I know”. In this program the kids learned about the unconditioned Jesus’ love and His acceptance to them. Also, they learned how to love one another in same as Christ loves them. All the kids were happy and blesses. They rejoiced to receive the book story of the movie as a gift to take home.

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Mail outreach in Beirut

The MELM prepared competition tracts, one for adults talks about the booklets that we newly printed ” why do bad things happen?” and the other is about the miracles of Christ “Jesus cures blind Bartimaeus” targeted for children and parents. The goal is to reach out people and tell them that Jesus cares and listens to our prayers, and even when we face bad times in our lives, Jesus is always there to strengthen us and carry us through the storms. 1000 tracts have been distributed to mail Boxes in different suburbs of Beirut.

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Outreach to Students

The MELM represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni visited schools where she gave a Bible study session to the students, In addition she prepared a Bible study competition to each class where the winner got a T-shirt written on it  “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” as a gift. The program included Christian songs and Bible stories was prepared to the younger students who got Bible stories as gifts to take home at the end of the school year. The students were very happy and enjoyed the program so much. They felt blessed and overwhelmed by Jesus’ Love.

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Outreach to Schools

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni visited the schools where she taught the kids about the love of God and His salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, by showing and discussing  The the Puzzle Club Pet Napping movie. The kids loved the movie and were very excited to answer all the questions they were asked about it. Also they were very happy to receive the story of the movie they watched and were glad to be able to read it again and again at home so that they can always remember God’s love in Jesus.

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Mission to the Bedouins kids

The MELM team visited the Bedouin in Biqaa valey, where we shared with them God’s message of love through a movie called “Miracles Maker” which shows Jesus and the miracles that He performed as written in the Bible. A discussion followed the movie  showed the kids affection to Jesus, and most of them said that they do believe in Jesus and they love Him.  In addition, we sang Christian songs together and the kids expressed their love to Jesus through writing and drawing. We distributed to them candies and a Bible story to enjoy reading at home. All the Bedouin kids were very happy and blessed because of the program.

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