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Outreach in Hadath area, Beirut

The MELM volunteers in Hadath, Eastern suburb of Beirut,  prepared a Christian program for children about Easter. The children came from different religious background. The program was full of activities games and Christian songs, Bible lesson about the Love of Christ, His salvation, and His Resurrection. The kids were very happy  and blessed with the program and specially with receiving  the ” My First Easter Book” Arch book story.

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Easter Program

 MELM represented by miss Katia sahyouni, visited schools and gave devotions about Easter in addition to showing the “Puzzle Club Easter Adventure” DVD. A  good discussion followed the show to help students understand its Christian message. The students were blessed and happy with the program and very glad to receive the DVD story as a Easter holiday gift.

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Easter Program

The MELM represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni shared in an Easter program for kids in Kiserwan area. The program included Christian songs, a Bible lesson about Jesus resurrection  in addition to performing a drama that talks about the Eternal life in heaven that Jesus has given us through His crucifixion and resurrection. The kids were blessed and interacted well with the  message. In addition, every one of them was very happy to receive the Puzzle Club Easter Adventure story  and was so eager to read it as soon as it reached their hands.

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New Production

Almost every single man and women, teen, and child, have always wondered why bad things happen? MELM looked at the people need and translated the booklet “Why Do Bad Things Happen?” by Dr. Phillip Bickel, from English language to Arabic Language. The booklet talks about  the pain and the suffering we face in this world and what the purpose and the cause behind them analyzing them  through Christian, Biblical point of view. Producing the “Why do bad things happen?” booklet , will fill a need in the hearts of people who would like to know the answer for their questions about pain.