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Easter program

MELM represented by miss Katia sahyouni, visited schools and gave devotions about Easter and the meaning of the holiday. In addition she told the students a Bible story and distributed to them the Arch book series ” My First Easter Book”. The kids enjoyed the story and were very excited to receive it as gift to take home for Easter Holiday.

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Women Ministry

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni, prepared a special program for mothers as a celebration for Mothers’ day. The program was full of activities. We discussed about the role of the Mother at home, gave presentation about God’s Love, talked about the importance of prayers, in addition to the games activities, Biblical competition, and a Bible lesson. Special prizes were given to winners in the program. Many moms attended the event, where they enjoyed it a lot, and learned about the importance of their role and their value in the eyes of God. The MELM publication were distributed to them “Testimony of A Town” in which moms were very happy to receive. The program was very successful and all were blessed.

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ETS Conference

The MELM organized an Equipping the Saint conference, in March 9-10, 2012, in Faytroun,Kiserwan, Peaks Resort. The ETS program was for the youth who are willing to cooperate with us in ministry, and willing to become volunteers. The ETS program was very successful; many interesting topics concerning the ministry were discussed two of them were about ” How we could reach out to people through the internet”, ” Ways to follow up people and helping in building others spiritually”. In addition to, fun activities and Biblical games and competition that took place during the conference. All enjoyed their time, and learned many new things. The good result appeared as the end of the conference, where all the participants showed willingness to help in the ministry, and requested another ETS program for the near future.

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Reaching Out to Students

The MELM represented by miss Katia Sahyouni visited schools where  she gave devotions about Jesus and told the students a Bible story ” Zacchaeus The Publican”.   The students learned that  Jesus loves them, wants to save them and cleans them from their sins, and all they have to do is to believe in Him, repent, and ask Him for forgiveness. The students were very happy of the new story they learned about. All of them requested the story book to take home. Therefore we distributed to them the story book  ” Zacchaeus The Publican” and they were glad and blessed.

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Reaching Out to Youth

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni prepared a youth program in zouk, kiserwan area. The program included devotions, hymns, Bible lessons,  and  we showed a movie called “The First valentine”. The youth learned many lessons specially about the true meaning of Christian Love, and the sacrificial Love of Christ that was shown on the cross to save us. A rich discussion followed the movie and the youth interacted positively to what the word of God says about true Love. After the discussion we distributed to them some of our MELM publications that help them enrich their Christian faith and their knowledge in the Bible so they can stand firm for their faith and to love God from all their hearts. The youth were very happy for the program, and very blessed for the new things they learned.

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