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Outreach to Non Christian students

The MELM prepared a program for students, the majority of, coming from non Christian background at Charl Khoury school-Ashrafieh- Beirut Lebanon . A Bible lesson, worship songs, and games. We performed the program and the students enjoyed it very much! Many of them were touched and prayed to Jesus to change their heart and save their soul. At the end we distributed to them two stories one is ” Talk to me about God” and the second “Jesus Is Born” as gifts to take home. The students liked them a lot and were happy to receive them. The program was very successful  and the students interacted with us, in addition they were very happy to receive the stories as gifts.

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Outreach through text messages

Are your feelings deeply hurt? Can’t forget? Can’t forgive? Call and ask for “How can you forgive and forget” a booklet in Arabic language

That was our MELM text message that we sent to 5000 people that touched their hearts. Many people responded and called asking for the booklet. The booklet was sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrollment tract for Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging people to learn more about the Word of God and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ideal person from whom we learn true forgiveness.

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Outreach and Bible distribution

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni shared in the program prepared for kids coming from different background in Jal-el-Dib  where she explained to the kids the importance of God’s word in our lives and that the Bible is our guide in life that help us to know the will of God, His good plans and His salvation that was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. We divided the kids into classes where they took a Bible lesson, and we distributed  Bibles to each one of them. The kids were very happy to take the Bible to their home where they can read it every day and learn new stories about Jesus and God’s love.

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Outreach to Druze Students

The MELM with the help of volunteers, prepared a reaching out  program for students in a school located in mount Lebanon where the majority of the students are non Christian and coming for “Druze” religion.  The program included Bible stories, games, and some other activities. at the end of the program we distributed  the “Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery”  story . It was a great opportunity for MELM to witness about Jesus Christ, His love and Salvation, that was fulfilled on the cross to save us from sins. The students were very happy to learn new things, and excited about the story to read at home.

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