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Kids Outreach

The season is still on for MELM and many requests for our contact people come to ask for a program specially for kids. Therefore, MELM prepared a program for kids that come from different backgrounds where we showed the DVD ” Red boots for Christmas” and explained to them through discussion back and forth that the Ultimate Love of God was shown through the ultimate gift for us,  Jesus Christ. The kids enjoyed the movie a lot and were happy to receive the story book of the movie as Christmas gift so they can enjoy reading it at home.

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Christmas Musical Drama

The MELM with the help of many volunteers prepared a Christmas musical drama in which many actors and singers were voluntarily involved to bring back the first Christmas to the stage. Our target was all people from different religious backgrounds. Hundreds of people were invited and many had responded and enjoyed the drama which gave the message of the real Christmas when a savior came down to the earth in order to save the humanity from their sins. Jesus is the real present to our lives. The echoes of the drama and the songs were positive and people were touched and  blessed to know and understand God’s love through a theater play that explains the real story of Christmas.

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Christmas Outreach

The MELM with the help of volunteers, prepared a reaching out  Christmas program to street kids in an orphanage. The program included Christmas story and games. The Orphans were very happy to have this program and to learn about Jesus the ultimate gift of love who was sent to them. Also they felt so blessed and happy to have the Christmas story “Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery” as a gift  to keep and read in their private time.

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Christmas Outreach in Egypt

The MELM  through  volunteers is continuing to follow up our contacts in Egypt.  Mamdouh Fawzi our previous employee in Egypt  had prepared an outreach program during Christmas season. therefore,  we sent our publication and Christian materials to Egypt to be displayed on the library shelves of the “Hadaiq al Qibba” church. In addition, we distributed our yearly calendar 2012, to all the people who responded to the program. The program included Christmas hymns, ceremony about the real Christmas , and drama. The Egyptians enjoyed the program, and were blessed to have a Christmas with the feeling that someone from outside the country is thinking of them, especially, among all the chaos that is happening in Egypt lately. Warm thank you  came from them to MELM filled with appreciation.

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Christmas Program Outreach

The MELM represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni showed the “Christmas Is” movie to many kids coming from different religious background in Sehayle area- Lebanon.  The kids enjoyed the movie and learnt the true meaning of Christmas and the love of God who sent His only son to save us from our sins and give us the eternal life. Interactions, questions and answers took place  after the movie which taught the kids the meaning of the Christian message. In addition, we distributed to each one of them the Christmas story “Jesus is Born” in which they were very happy to receive and take home to read. The program was blessing to all of them including us.

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