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Outreach in Syria

In spite of all the chaos that is happening in Syria, the MELM have found a way to spread the word of God and the hope of peace that God gives, even during difficulties, to the students in a region called “Hasaka” in North East Syria. Our volunteer taught the kids a Bible lesson and distributed to them a Bible story “The good Samaritan”. The kids were very happy and blessed to hear the message of God and have His word taken home through a beautiful Bible story book.

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Outreach to University Students

Ms. Katia Sahyouni our MELM public relation manager, has been attending a religion class at NDU, one of the Lebanese universities who hold a very good reputation, and she is taking the opportunity to talk to the students about the Love of God and His mercy through Jesus Christ. In addition, the MELM contributed the Bible to each student in the class. The professor and the students were very grateful for the Bible and the care that MELM is presenting.