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Bedouin Summer Camp

The MELM prepared a camp for Bedouins kids who come from a Muslim background. It was from June 20-22, 2011. The camp was full of programs and activities in which the kids enjoyed their time and learned many lessons from the Bible.The program also included handy craft, memorizing Bible verses, dramas and sketches, games and competitions, outdoors sports, prayer groups, Bible study sessions… Many prizes were distributed to the kids who were very interactive and won the competitions.  All kids were touched and expressed that they love Jesus through their prayer.

This video that covers many activities was recently produced by MELM.



Bedouin kids receive the Holy Bible

The MELM staff met with the Bedouins kids in as a follow up to the camp which took place in Theopolis in June 2010. We gave them two Bible lessons  the first about  the importance of the Bible the word of God that we should read everyday and obey ;  the second was about the 10 commandments and how we should love our God from all our hearts.  The kids enjoy the two lessons and interacted very well with them. They were very happy to receive  the Bible as a present and take it to their home where they can read it every day and learn about  the will of God.

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Bible Day Programs

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark Rahme shared in a camp program for kids in Rayfoun- Kiserwan region where Bible day activities took place. The kids came from different religious backgrounds. The journey was full of activities, Bible stories, learning hymns, games and competitions, in which the kids enjoyed their time and felt very blessed. We divided the kids into classes where they took a Bible lesson, and we distributed  Bibles to each one of them. The kids were very happy to take the Bible to their home where they can read it every day and learn new stories about Jesus and God’s love.

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