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Camp for Bedouin Kids

The MELM prepared a camp for Bedouins kids who come from a Muslim background. It was from June 20-22, 2011. The camp was full of programs and activities in which the kids enjoyed their time and learned many lessons from the Bible. Each day we gave them devotions. Taught them hymns, told them Bible stories with visual aids and drama, the name of Jesus was lifted up high in this young community. The program also included handy craft, memorizing Bible verses, dramas and sketches, games and competitions, outdoors sports, prayer groups, Bible study sessions… Many prizes were distributed to the kids who were very interactive and won the competitions.  All kids were touched and expressed that they love Jesus through their prayer.


Text Messages

Are your feelings deeply hurt? Can’t forget? Can’t forgive? Call and ask for “How can you forgive and forget” a booklet in Arabic language)

That was our MELM text message that we sent to 5000 people that touched their hearts. Many people responded and called asking for the booklet. The booklet was sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrollment tract for Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging people to learn more about the Word of God and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. He is the ideal person from whom we learn true forgiveness.

University Outreach

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni, went to the American University of Science and Technology where she gave a presentation about the theology of Christ. She talked about his incarnation as the Son of God, His priesthood as He is the only one the only way and the only link between God and us, and about His suffering on the cross as the lamp of God who carried all our sins in order to save us.

The hall was full of students and professors; 90% of them were Muslims had came from different places from Lebanon and they had the chance to know about Jesus as Son of God, kings of Kings, the head of priests, and the savior. What was remarkable is that the majority was very impressed and they clapped hard for what they heard.

N.B. taking picture was not allowed therefore we are sorry for not uploading pictures concerning this event.

Outreach to students

The MELM audience relations team represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark Rahmeh visited schools and showed the Puzzle Club Pet Napping DVD to the students who liked the movie a lot. An exciting discussion followed the show and the students learned new Christian lessons about how we should see each other in the eyes of God, that we should treat each other with love same as God treat everyone of us with love, even when we don’t deserve it.  The students were blessed, and each one of them got the book story of the movie in order to read it again at home and always remember God’s love through Jesus.