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Youth Follow up

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni, prepared and organized a youth meeting, in Dora- Beirut. The meeting was a follow up for people the MELM was in contact with through ETS and other activities. The meeting included Christian songs, Bible study session from one of our publications, and a sermon about the faithfulness for Christ. The youth had great time learning new things, and recharging their strength in the Lord. We distributed to them a booklet to help them read the Bible in an organized way which is “The Bible the Word of Life” and another Bible study booklet “the Prophets of God”.

New booklet translated into the Arabic Language

Due to the bad economical and political situation, resulting from the revolutions in the Middle East, many people are negatively affected especially lately.  The financial troubles, neglected health issues and fear for the future makes everyone feels stressed-out!  MELM found it urgent to fulfill the need of the people spiritually and psychologically. Therefore MELM translated a booklet into the Arabic language, under the title of: “Stressed but Connected”. This booklet teaches how to deal with stress. From setting healthy personal boundaries to eliminating procrastination, these sensible strategies will help us manage stress before stress manages us. Best of all, we will discover that we don’t need to handle the pressure alone- as we embrace God’s “best” for our life! Soon this booklet will be printed, advertised, and distributed.

Text Messages

(Do you believe in Miracles? The Bible says:“for I am the LORD, who heals you” CALL and ask for your FREE book “Miracles of Christ” )

That was our MELM text message that we sent to 5000 people that touched their hearts. Many people responded and called asking for the book. The booklet was sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrollment tract for Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging people to learn more about the Word of God and Jesus Christ.

Easter programs

The MELM volunteers in Jal el Dib area-Lebanon prepared a Christian program for children for Easter. The program was full of activities that included singing Christian songs, Bible lesson, Christian games and Christian art craft. All of these activities helped the kids to understand the meaning of “Easter Is”. The story book “My Easter Book” was distributed to the children, who were very happy to receive it.