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“Easter Is” showing movie

The MELM volunteers in Hadath area-Lebanon prepared a Christian program for children for Easter. They showed “Easter Is” movie, and the kids enjoyed the story and learned about the Love of Christ, His salvation, and His Resurrection. The kids were very happy to watch it and they are very eager to get the Easter story book as a gift the coming week if they succeed to answer the questions about the movie story and the meaning of Easter.

Easter Newsletter production

MELM designed and printed 1000 copies of the Newsletter that was produced specially for “Easter” season. Most of the topics were about the resurrection of Christ. Also many advertisements to our materials were included. The Newsletter was distributed to our contacts and our database people.

Reaching children through drama

The Melm sponsored a Christian drama team along with a praise team, who prepared a program for kids. The program was very successful and the kids enjoyed it very much. Clowns, miming and cartoon characters all were there to teach the kids a Christian message in a funny and entertaining way. In addition to the praise team who made the kids blasted with singing and new songs were taught to them. The MELM took advantage of the event and distributed fliers for two DVDs which are “Easter Is”, and “Puzzle Club Easter Adventure” and sold these DVDs, to all who wished to buy them, as they were displayed on a stand next to the entrance door.

Training for sunday school teachers

The MELM held a three week’s training program for Sunday school teachers at its center. The training program was done with the cooperation with the CEF; which contained how we reach out to kids; how we give the message of the gospel to a child; the way we present a Bible verse; and the way we tell a Bible story. Six churches sent at least one representative to take the training. The program was successfully done with a test at the end for the trainees. Also MELM offered its help to any of these volunteers, as we explained to them our mission we demonstrated our publications and all materials that helps them to reach out to kids. They were very happy to know that we support them with any publications or materials we have. The MELM is still in contact with each of them, in order to prepare for future outreaches and events.