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Mission to Bedouins

The MELM team visited the Bedouins in Bekaa valley( 99% muslims), where they shared the message of the resurrection of Christ through showing the Puzzle Club Easter adventure DVD. The kids were very happy to watch the movie and to learn about the love of Christ and that He is the living son of God who helps them with any situation they face. A discussion was held with the kids to make sure that they understand the message of Easter. Chocolate rewards were given to everyone who correctly answered the questions. In addition, the movie story book was distributed to everyone who watched the movie.

Moreover, the MELM team taught them a hymn about Jesus’ love to the children; it was taken from a Bible. The children were so joyful to learn the hymn and sing it again and again with miming. In addition we played a drawing game with them that let them express what they learned and understood from the movie and the meaning of Easter.

Women Ministry

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni, prepared a special program for mothers as a celebration for Mothers’ day. The program was full of activities, Biblical competition, and a Bible lesson, and Christian presentations, and sketch . Special prizes were given to winners in the program. Many moms attended the event, where they enjoyed it a lot, and learned about the importance of their role and their value in the eyes of God.


Outreach to scouts

The MELM  volunteers prepared a Christian program for scout children coming from different backgrounds Christian and non Christian. We showed  “The Little Shepherd” movie, after that we had a fruitful question and answer discussion about the movie with the scouts, in addition to games  and a lesson from the Bible! The children enjoyed the programs a lot  and requested the movie story which they got as a gift with many candies.

Outreach to orphans

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni and others who are committed to volunteer to our ministry, visited an orphanage center in Mansourieh area. The program contained a short drama, Christian biblical games, memorizing Bible verse and a Christian lesson about Jesus Love and His salvation. All the orphans enjoyed the program so much. The children were so blessed to learn about Jesus, and were very happy to receive at the end the Little Shepherd story as a gift.