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Reaching out through Christmas drama program

The MELM represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni prepared for a Christmas program with the cooperation with the CEF  and other volunteers. The program included a drama for Christmas, a story to tell to kids, a game, Christmas songs, and a gift to distribute (Little shepherd). This week we visited a school, in Ashrafieh-Beirut, a place where a huge number of non Christian students are studying. We performed the program and the students enjoyed it very much! Many of them were touched and prayed to Jesus to change their heart, and save their soul. At the end we distributed the Little Shepherd story to all who requested it. They liked a lot and were happy to receive. As the program was very successful we will be visiting many schools and places to perform the same program.

Little Shepherd in Syria

The MELM  volunteers in Syria prepared a Christian program for Sunday school children. They showed  “The Little Shepherd” movie, and the kids enjoyed the story and learned about the greatest gift to the human kind Jesus Christ. In addition they got the The little Shepherd story book as a gift to be taken home.


The MELM participated in the bookfair in Antelias, where we  displayed our Christian materials and publications. Thousands of people, Christians, and non Christians  visited our stand and bought our materials to enrich their knowledge about Christianity. School students enjoyed our arch book bible stories and DVDs such as little shepherd DVD and Puzzle Club series and Red boots for Christmas. University students were interested in our topical booklets and our Bible correspondence materials. The bookfair lasted from November 26, 2010 till December 6, 2010.