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MELM reached 2000 people through text messages

The MELM Reached 2000 people through text message, explaining the importance of the Word of God in their lives, and encouraging them to read the Bible daily in an organized way. The MELM offered a booklet called “The Bible- The Word of Life”

“The Bible- The Word of Life”, is a small booklet which explains what is the Holy Bible, why, and how to read it. This booklet states the importance of the Bible in the life of man. It clarifies that the Bible contains the inspired books which deal with God’s creation of the world, the history of God’s dealing with people, His redemption for sinners, and the prophecies about what will happen in the world from the time of creation to the end of the world. It also indicates that the Bible contains God’s divine laws, the spiritual doctrines, the religious and literary teachings which are suitable for all people at all times, and declares that the word of God which is written in the Bible can change the lives of people.

Many people responded and called asking for the booklet. The booklet was sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrollment tract for Bible Correspondence Courses.

Media Ministry

Few years ago the MELM produced a good number TV spots (short Christian sketches), these spots where requested from many Christian TV stations like SAT7, Spirit Chanel, and Al Hayat. Millions of people watched these channels through satellites and the MELM had the opportunity to spread the word of God and the Christian teaching through these spots that were broadcasted internationally on the satellite.

This month Al Karma Satellite televidion, an Arabic Christian TV located in California, USA started broadcasting our spots on their channel. Thus, the Arab people in North America are also reached by the ministry of MELM, (LHM-Lebanon).

Life changing Story

People do lose sometimes the sense of direction, especially when they feel weak. They will turn to anyone thinking that he will offer them peace and joy, but there is no use. Those attempts won’t lead them except to more agony and despair. No one can find light in darkness or water in a red burning desert.

Sami, a young man, had often searched for the truth. A negative result was all what he obtained but Christ did not forsake him.

“Everything started one night, I was very sick and laying in bed – this actually was my case for the past three months. I have in hand one of your publications “The hope of nations”. A Christian friend gave it to me from a long time ago but I didn’t give it any importance or attention, the words that I read that night spoke to me”.

And the desire to hear about Jesus grew stronger every day. Sami felt even more than that, he was asking the Lord for healing: “After I read the story of the bleeding women and how she got healed through her faith in Jesus, I was asking Him to heal me, and within one week my prayers were answered, at last after almost four months of sickness I am fine, I am healed through Jesus”.

Our God is an awesome God; the healing of Sami reached also his soul, as he expresses: “Since the first day, when I knew Jesus as my Savior, everything changed. I was able to feel joy and peace within me, I was able to practice love towards everyone around me”.

“Please I need a Bible, and a picture of Christ as an indication of my faithfulness to Him. My friends please do inform me about anything that would keep me close to Jesus”. Sami ends his letter rejoicing:” When you meet with Jesus, you feel the growing joy within, a joy that you can never express, it is too big to be expressed…Peace be with you”.

We praise the Lord for He is always searching for the missing sheep. Whenever the lost is found, joy fills heaven and earth.

New Production

MELM always seeks to produce new Arabic materials that are sought-after in Lebanon and the Arab world. The DVD talks about the true meaning of Christmas and enables us to proclaim the meaning of the true Christmas of our Lord for our salvation. Therefore, MELM produced the Christmas Is special on DVD. It includes the Arabic, English and French Languages. You can easily pick a language and its correspondent translation. This DVD also makes a nice children’s gift.

Gathering ETS

Last July the MELM organized an Equipping the Saints conference, in Rayfoun- Lebanon. The ETS program was for university youth from different congregations, who are willing to share the Christian message among their people in their areas. As a follow up, MELM organized a gathering to all who attended the ETS. The gathering was a trip for a full day included activities especially for youth. Also we ended the day visiting a church praying and thanking God for his care all the moments of our lives; in addition to distributing our MELM Bible course book to participants so they can use it in their ministry. We encouraged them to keep up their good ministry and continue witnessing about Jesus love and salvation. The committed people asked us to regularly arrange for other motivational gathering programs.