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ETS Workshop in Broumana

The MELM organized an Equipping the Saint conference on September 25, 2010, in Broumana. The ETS program was for the university students who are willing to cooperate with us in ministry, and become dedicated volunteers. The ETS program was very successful; many interesting topics concerning the ministry were discussed. The lectures focused on reaching the lost and the immense need to proclaim the Word. They enjoyed their time, and learned many new things. The good result appeared as the end of the conference, where all the participants showed willingness to help support the ministry, and requested MELM’s publications to be distributed.

Mission among Student University

As we are getting involved day by day in mission among university student, Ms. Katia Sahyouni represented the MELM in a camp in Cyprus for Arab university students. There She had the chance to serve among them, and to speak about MELM work, and to monitor a group was called a family group where we talked about Christ, His salvation, and his love many were touched and many opened their hearts and spoke how Jesus changed their life. In addition, Ms. Katia, distributed one of our Bible courses titled “Disciples for Christ”; she divided the participants into groups where she helped them study the course. The conference was amazing blessing to the participants. All were moved and took a step forward to improve their Christian life. Many took decisions to serve the Lord, and many understood that there is no meaning for life without Jesus. MELM through Ms. Katia Sahyouni, is keeping in touch with the participants and following up with them, to provide them with any Christian materials that help them strengthen their faith.

Text Messages

(Are your feelings deeply hurt? Can’t forget? Can’t forgive? Call and ask for “How can you forgive and forget” a booklet in Arabic language)

That was our MELM text message that we sent to 2000 people that touched their hearts. Many people responded and called asking for the booklet. The booklet was sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrollment tract for Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging people to learn more about the Word of God and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. He is the ideal person from whom we learn true forgiveness.

Books Exhibition

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni visited the camp center in Mont Lebanon, where she introduced the ministry to the participants and set up a Christian publications exhibition that allowed each of the conference participants to visit the stand and choose a book that help him/her with nurturing their Christian life and strengthen their faith.

Vacation Bible School Camp

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni visited the VBS camp in Manara center in Rayfoun, where she presented the Puzzle Club Pet-napping Mystery movie to the kids followed by a discussion about the movie. It was joyful moments for the children who loved the movie very much and became very interactive in the discussion concerning the movie story. All children learned God’s love toward them, and how they should love and accept one another the same as Jesus Loves us and accepts us. Many kids were full of excitement to volunteer in distributing the movie story to their participant friends.