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Ministry among University Students

The MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni participated in a conference under the theme of “reaching out university students in Middle East”. Ms. Katia had the opportunity to introduce our MELM work; in addition she introduced our materials and Christian publications to the participants. Also we offered our MELM Biblical correspondence courses to anyone who is willing to teach the Bible with the university students. The conference participants came from several Middle Eastern countries, such as, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt…  The conference was full of blessings and all showed willingness to help in the ministry.

Camp for Kids

The MELM took part in a camp was prepared for kids who lives in Syria and Lebanon. Many of the kids were from non-Christian background. The camp was full of activities, such as bible stories, games, Christian songs and dramas… The MELM distributed bible stories to kids as gifts. They were very happy to receive it and very excited to read when they get home. The camp was full of blessings and we touched the hands of God working in the heart of the kids.

Evangelzing Event

In the Heart of Beirut- Lebanon, MELM took part in an evangelizing event to Muslim, organized by BC AD organization. MELM where asked to distribute its valuable publications such as Bible correspondence courses and biblical stories for kids.  The program included Bible preaching preaching Christian songs prayers and a special program for kids. The event was very blessed and successful, and the people were very happy to get our Bible correspondence courses and bible stories for their kids.

ETS Conference:

The MELM organized an Equipping the Saint conference, in July 2-3, 2010, in Rayfoun conference center. The ETS program was for the youth who are willing to cooperate with us in ministry, and willing to become volunteers. The ETS program was very successful; many interesting topics concerning the ministry were discussed. in addition to the fun activities and Biblical games and competition took place during the conference. All enjoyed their time, and learned many new things. The good result appeared as the end of the conference, where all the participants showed willingness to help in the ministry, and requested another ETS program for the near future.

Follow up to the Mission in Syria

The MELM prepared a youth meeting activity through one of its active volunteers who participated in our ETS-Syria workshop last year. The youth were gathered at a home where they had a Bible study and some biblical competition games. At the end of the meeting, our volunteer distributed MELM’s biblical solution dial to each one of them in order to help them find and read a passage of the Bible that suits their emotional state. The meeting was full of blessings.