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MELM materials in holy-land

Bishop Boutros al- Mouaalem who is the Arch-Bishop of Galilee is one of our old volunteers. When he was still a pastor, he wrote one of our BBC  “Hope of the World”. Even after he was elected as Arch-Bisho, he continued to serve as a liaison between MELM and the Holy Land. This week he  visited our office where he  requested our Christian books and materials to deliver them to people who live in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Bishop al- Mouaalem believes that our publications are very valuable and should be delivered internationally. He thanked  MELM for the blessed ministry we have among the Arab world and Middle East.

New Production

MELM always seeks to produce new Arabic materials that are sought-after in Lebanon and the Arab world. The DVD talks about the true meaning of Easter and enables us to proclaim the death and the resurrection of our Lord for our salvation. Therefore, MELM produced the Easter Is special on DVD. It includes the Arabic, English and French Languages. You can easily pick a language and its correspondent translation. This DVD also makes a nice children’s gift.

Orphanage Ministry

The MELM represented by our Public Relations Ms. Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark, visited the Orphanage centre in Kahale-Lebanon. The Centre takes care of kids “from the street” who have no parents and no one to take care of them. The MELM team showed the Puzzle club pet napping which the kids enjoyed very much and were excited to see it. After the show a discussion about the movie took place in which the kids learned about the love of God shown in Jesus, and how we should love and accept each other as God loves us. Also we distributed the DVD story book, plus candies and cookies that the kids were very happy to receive, and to enjoy.

Reaching 10000 people:

Most of the people in the country believe in the Guardian Angels, many of those have a distorted image in their minds about the truth about Angles and they care about them more than they care about God. Therefore, to enlighten their minds, the MELM prepared a text message that has been sent to 10000 people offering “The Truth about Angels” booklet which is based on the Bible truth and teaching. Many people have been contacting us asking about the booklet, and ordering it. The booklet has been sent to everyone who ordered it with an enrolment track for Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging people to learn more about the Word of God and the biblical truth.