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Women Ministry

As a follow up for women ministry the MELM was asked to prepare a program for women. One of our volunteers opened her house to host many women who in their turn enjoyed the program which was full of activities, such us, Bible puzzles, question and answer solving, in addition to Bible study.  The women enjoyed the program that was full of excitement.

Ethnic Ministry

MELM has a unique ministry to the ethnic Filipino community who reside in Lebanon for work purposes. MELM has bible study series called “Real Life” in English language, which has been given to Filippinos community to help them study the bible and to grow in faith and biblical Christian knowledge. The Filipino community meets randomly in different places to study the Real Life, which they enjoy very much.

Drama Ministry

The MELM Audience relations team was asked to help with acting a play about Christ’s resurrection. The play was very successful and the audience enjoyed it and learned that no one died and was raised from the death except Jesus. This gave the audience hope that God is always with us.

The MELM audience relations team represented Mr. Mark Rahmeh conducted a devotion at school in Beirut. The Topic was Jesus the Bread of Life. Through this devotion children and teachers learned how much our Lord Jesus is essential for their daily life compared to the needs of bread for our daily life.He lifts our spirits, protects us and leads us through the power of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the devotion prayers were raised and we where all blessed.