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Bookfair in “Hadath” Area:

The MELM continues to be present in most bookfairs around the country, MELM participated in a bookfair in “Hadath- Beirut” area where hundreds of people visited our stand, and many of them bought our Christian materials. The bookfair was a good opportunity to spread the word of God among people who are in need to it.

University Outreach

MELM represented by Ms. Katia Sahyouni who visited NDU, one of the Lebanese universities who hold a very good reputation, and had the chance to talk to the students about MELM work and give them a valuable book from MELM publication called “Communication Art” that talk about media in general and the evangelizing media in specific. The Dean and the teachers were very grateful for the gift and expressed their appreciation to it. Also they asked if MELM can visit them often and provide more books to many other students in different classes.

“Puzzle club Easter Adventure” Show

MELM and a group of volunteers organized a “Puzzle club Easter Adventure” show in Hadath area, where many of Christian and non Christian kids attended and enjoyed the DVD story. They were Happy to know that Jesus is alive and He always there for them. Also they were very happy to receive the “Puzzle club Easter Adventure” story as a gift, which we distributed to each one of them. So they can always remember that Jesus died for their sins and He was risen to give them eternal life.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in South Lebanon

March is the beginning of the spring season, here in our country Lebanon we have mother’s day on the first day of spring. Many celebrations happen for mothers during this month. Therefore MELM took a part in mother’s day celebration in south Lebanon. With the help of our commissioned ETS volunteer the program was very successful. There were many activities based on Biblical information, at the same time, some women shared their testimonies and how their relationship with God have developed. The MELM gave each mom one of our publications under the title of “Testimony of a Town”. The moms were very happy and touched by the program and they were thankful for receiving such a valuable book.