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MELM Publications in Syria

The MELM participated in an exhibition held in Syria by Bible Society, where we displayed our books and Christian materials in both languages Arabic and English. A lot of people visited the exhibition and our Arch book bible stories took the attraction of children and students as well as adults. The exhibition was a great way to introduce the Christian faith to those who are still in the darkness.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Special program for Mothers:

The MELM Audience Relations team Ms. Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark Rahme, prepared a special program for mothers on Mothers’ day. The program was full of activities, Biblical competition, and a Bible lesson. Special prizes were given to winners in the program. Many moms attended the event, where they enjoyed it a lot, and learned about the importance of their role and their value in the eyes of God.

MELM Volunteers in Mission

MELM has cooperated with LIVF (Lebanon Inter-Varsity Fellowship) in training the university students during summer ETS conference 2009. The participants are distributing our publications to reach their fellow students from Muslim background. The “Question and Answer” book is becoming an attraction to university students from Islamic background. The book is especially written to respond to questions concerning the Christian faith and life, especially the ones that come from non Christians. The books will be distributed in LAU (Lebanese American University) and AUB (American University of Lebanon), the best two universities in Lebanon.