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Door to door ministry

A group of MELM volunteers organized a door to door ministry as a Christmas event in south Lebanon in a village called “Mieh and Mieh” where they distributed our Christian books and materials such as Bibles and arch books series and little shepherd story. People where very happy to receive the package. They felt blessed by the spirit of Christmas and the acts of love we showed them.

Programs for Women

The MELM Audience Relations team Miss Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark Rahme, shared a special program set up for women. The program included Christian and educational lessons plus games. The women were very excited and loved the activities they had done. They were very happy to receive our booklets and publications. Also we were asked to set up another similar program for the near future.

Life Changing story

“Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

François is a Lebanese young adult from Saida, the largest city in South Lebanon. He is 24 years old and is a volunteer in our ministry helping us at the fairbooth which is currently held in Antelias. He shared with us how the Lutheran ministry affected his life since he was a little child in school, and continue to have the same effect till this day.

He told us, “When I was a teen at school, I used to study in the book “Garden of youth”, one of your Bible correspondence books. I still remember this book with its variety of subjects and lessons that concern the youth in this specific life span, and take cares of every spiritual and social aspect of our lives. This book has helped me to grow in the Lord and deepen my knowledge of the Bible. It planted the love of Jesus in my heart and made me love the Word of God and His ministry.”

Now he is a grown man, specialized in graphic design, and he is volunteering at our booth in an exhibition/ bookfair held in Antelias. He volunteers because, he believes that our materials would help people know Christ, and consequently change their lives. He said, “every time I see this book (Garden of youth) on the shelf it takes me back about 17 years ago. I remember my friends from school and how we used to work together and learn from the explanations of the lessons of this great book.

May God help you in reaching out to people that need the power and the Word of God, and help you change their lives to the better as you helped change mine. God Bless you”.


The MELM has participated in the bookfair in Antelias, where we have displayed our Christian materials and publications. Thousands of people, Christians, and non Christians have been visiting our stand and buying our materials to enrich their knowledge about Christianity. School students were enjoying our arch book bible stories and DVDs such as little shepherd DVD and Puzzle Club series and Red boots for Christmas. University students were interested in our topical booklets and our Bible correspondence materials. The bookfair lasted from November 26, 2009 till December 6, 2009.