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Schools Ministry

The MELM audience relations team represented by Miss Katia Sahyouni and Mr. Mark Rahmeh visited several schools and shared a Bible story with them. The students were blessed to learn the bible lesson, and to know more about the Christ’s love and salvation. In addition, we introduced the MELM work to the students and distributed bible story books to them upon their request.


Last September the MELM organized an Equipping the Saint conference, in Ajloun-Jordan in cooperation with Livf, (Lebanon Intervarsity fellowship). The ETS program was for universities students, who are willing to share the Christian message among their friends at their universities. As a follow up MELM and LIVF organized a gathering to all who attended the ETS. The gathering was in Jal El Dib near the MELM office where we encouraged the attendees to keep up their good ministry and continue witnessing about Jesus love and salvation. The committed people asked us to regularly arrange for other motivational gathering programs.