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Reporting the ‘Good News’

Bad news, like war and famine seem to be the leading topics of any news broadcast around the world. However, there is a ray of light and hope through Jesus, according to a Syrian reporter named Malek.

The average person can change the channel to avoid the bad news, but reporters like Malek are in the unenviable position of not being able to turn away. His ray of hope comes in the form of broadcasts from the Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) ministry center in Beirut, Lebanon.

“I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to listen to your radio programs,” said Malek. “You have given me hope in life among all this chaos that is happening in the world – your programs led me to see the light of Jesus Christ.”

Malek said he works for a local magazine, and his articles are disseminated in several magazines and newspapers. “Throughout my career, I had only reported the bad events of the world, but after listening to your radio programs my life changed, and I feel as a fresh new person. It is time to write about the Good News – salvation in Jesus,” he said. He added that the more he listens to the LHM programs, the more he wants to know about Jesus and the Holy Bible.

Malek enrolled in LHM’s Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) in order to help himself prepare for “his new job of reporting the Good News.” Malek said he is so happy and that this has been a major change in his life. His family is also sharing this happiness. He is determined to report the Good News and make others happy the same way he has found happiness.

Your continued prayers and support for LHM allow outreach programs to have an impact all around the world. We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to our International Ministries today.

Monthly Roundup: July 2009

Ethnic ministry:

A group of Filipinos people meets weekly in Jounieh, Kiserwan area- Lebanon, to study our Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) series “Real Life”. The Filipinos are enjoying the studies and they are encouraging other Filipinos friends to get enrolled in the BCC.

In addition we contact other Filipino congregations, and they requested our publications such as Biblical Solution Dial to be sent to the Philippines, so their friends and parents take the same spiritual benefits from our Christian publication as they do in Lebanon.

Sunday Schools:

The Audience Relations Miss Katia Sahyouni shared the message of Jesus love with the Sunday school students. Our MELM Arch Books stories were distributed to the students so that they can carry the Christian message with them at home and keep it in constantly in their heart and memory by reading the stories every day.

Down town of Beirut:

A great Christian celebration happened in down town of Beirut hundreds of people attended that event. The event called “BC\AD”. The MELM had taken an essential role in the celebration, where we distributed our BCC to the people and specially the people who brought to faith in Christ by the power of God’s Spirit. The committee that is responsible of the event requested our books and asked us to help them every year with these kinds of event.

Life of Martin Luther in Syria:

The Bible Society in Syria requested 40 books of Martin Luther’s Life to be sold there. This is great news as they will request more copies and update their stock from our materials every quarter.

Kids’ camp:

The Audience Relations team, Miss Katia Sahyouni visited a conference center in Rayfoun area, Lebanon; where she shared the Gospel message with the kids, who were happy and blessed to receive our biblical stories the Arch book series.

Bible distribution:

Forty seven Bibles were requested from MELM to be distributed to the needy people who can’t afford to buy a Bible. These people were happy to receive a Bible so that they can keep their daily Biblical readings.

MELM Facebook:

We are continuing to improve our Facebook profile where we can contact and follow up most of our connections people, and introduce our ministry to new people that been added to our Facebook this month. We regularly send them biblical verses, hymns, praying that God change their heart and life to His glory.